CDR Resources

Access Coordinator – Students are assigned to work with an Access Coordinator upon registration with our office.  These Coordinators work with students throughout their tenure at Syracuse University.  The services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive ‘Disability Access Plan’
  • Acts as central point of contact for disability related issues
  • Liaison between students and faculty and/or staff as appropriate
  • Transition counseling, advocacy and support
  • Crisis referral & support

Disability Resource Portal – Centralized hub for consolidating and managing all aspects of the accommodation process.  Included in this new system will be an access portal for students and faculty to use.  This portal will provide a convenient and stress-free way for submitting requests, eliminate the back and forth between students, faculty and CDR staff and provide a platform for enhanced communication between all stakeholders. The link to the Disability Resource Portal can be found on MySlice, under MySlice Applications Pagelet.

Accommodation Letter Renewal

ADA Housing Request

Academic Support & Tutoring Program:

  • Meet with a learning strategist once a week to work on time management, organizational skills, breaking down assignments, study strategies, note taking skills, writing support and other general academic supports. Students can set an appointment for the entire semester for the same day and time.
  • Connect to Academic Tutoring: Students are eligible for up to $200.00 per semester in voucher codes to use towards peer tutoring at CLASS in Bird Library. Learning Strategists will work with students find and secure content tutors through CLASS.
  • Information and referrals to other on-campus resources, such as the Math Clinic, Writing Center, Physics Clinic, Barnes Center, Academic Advising, and other resources.

OnTrack at SU – Enhanced academic support program for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities (LD).

  • OnTrack at SU is a fee-based program designed to meet the growing demand for individualized support among SU students diagnosed with ADHD and LD, and open the door for prospective students seeking that support in college. It will elevate the level of service options for ADHD and LD students at SU, aligning with the University’s commitment to meet the unique needs of today’s students.
  • The goal of this program will be to address both academic and social-emotional readiness. Students will meet regularly with a specially trained coach for monitoring or academic support, guidance in connecting with other university and community services, and counseling focused on building independence and executive function. The program will transition participants to standard University support systems by their second year, as they receive follow up support with “step down” services through the Center for Disability Resources.

Alternate Format

  • Adaptive Technology such as, screen readers and magnifiers, speech recognition software, alternate text format, and self-editing software

Assistance Animal Policy and Request

Learning Assessment Center – Providing LD Screening and Comprehensive Assessments when needed.  (fees based on sliding scale)

Note-Taking Assistance

Request for Temporary Accommodations

  • Use the Request for Temporary Accommodations link to request accommodations for temporary disabilities, such as a broken hand, foot, concussion, etc.

Service Coordination

  • Serve as a resource to internal SU divisions, offices, or outside community agencies, as needed.  This includes, but is not limited to, working directly with case managers who are/will be employed by the students, helping to navigate the delivery of services from a home environment to a university environment, etc.
  • Coordinate Accessible Transportation – Access ‘Cuse, providing door-to-door or curb-to-curb accessible transportation for students with mobility-related needs.

Summer Programs

  • Pre-Syracuse Welcome Program- Access ‘Cuse, a pre-welcome program designed to address the unique transitional concerns of our students who are planning to seek disability-related accommodations while attending Syracuse University.
  • The goal of this program is to educate students about the differences between special education in high school and disability support in higher education. We review how they will access their accommodations while attending.  Students learn about the array of resources available, and most importantly, build a community of learners that is both empowering and positive.

Syracuse University’s Delta Gamma: Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society

Testing Sign-up

  • On-line sign-up
  • Reduced distraction environment

Classroom accommodations such as interpretive services/CART for the deaf or HOH, preferred seating, arrangements for note takers and live scribe technology, adaptive tables and chairs, assisted listening devices, and other individualized accommodations deemed appropriate.