Educational Consultation at CDR

An Educational Consultation is offered by the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) at Syracuse University, as a service to the Syracuse University and SUNY ESF community. The CDR Educational Consultation provides consultative services to university students who suspect they may have a learning disability. Many of these students have experienced academic difficulties throughout their education and may have been un- or misdiagnosed. At the college level, their difficulties are often magnified, and many struggle academically. A CDR Educational Consultation can help to connect students suspected of having an educational disability to support services and disability related services that may be necessary for them to mitigate educational barriers and set a pathway for success.

Undiagnosed students, who register with CDR will be scheduled for an Educational Consultation, conducted by a New York State certified school psychologist.  The goals of the consultation include; supporting each student’s proactive efforts to address their learning challenges; normalizing learning differences and acknowledging the subtle nuances of each individual’s learning experiences; helping both the student and the CDR staff better understand the nature of the student’s learning barriers; and providing direction for future remediation, evaluation, and/or access to CDR academic support services.  The Educational Consultations can be conducted at CDR or virtually.

How to Make an Appointment

  1. Complete our Registration Form.
  2. You will be contacted by CDR via email with instructions for setting up your appointment; however, after completing the registration, you may also call 315-443-4498 to schedule an appointment for Educational Consultation.