Academic Support

The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) is able to provide these expanded academic supports partially through the generosity of donors to the Brian McLane Legacy and Blesh Funds. 

CDR Academic Support Contact Info:

Phone: 315-443-6005


CDR Academic Support Services Provided Include:

  • Content tutoring
  • Assistance/training related to learning, study, and note-taking strategies
  • “TimePlus” appointments to assist students with executive functions and time management and organizational practices relative to their academic priorities
  • Referrals to other campus resources
  • Opportunities for social-academic networking that promotes systems in which CDR students study together
  • A relaxing study area for CDR students
  • General support (non-clinical) for students experiencing frustration and anxiety with academics and/or transitioning to college life that aims to teach, motivate, and solidify goals and priorities.
  • Services via communication technology as appropriate and practical

CDR Academic Support staff include:

Learning Strategist – Tutor Coordinator who serves as the initial contact for all students seeking services. This person assesses students for appointments that will be beneficial to arrange with “in-house” tutoring staff, Academic Support Specialists, and resources elsewhere on campus. This person also works closely with students to determine which staff will be best “fits” for individual students on the basis of their area(s) of support needs.

Academic Support Specialists who have professional backgrounds in multiple disciplines and are able to provide content tutoring, assistance with learning, study, and note-taking strategies, and organizational/time management strategies.

Content Tutors are all either professional tutors with years of experience in specific subject areas or graduate students with professional teaching or other academic experiences between undergraduate and graduate studies.

*CDR Academic Support is a service and not an accommodation. While we do our best to meet our student’s needs, these resources are not unlimited and based on tutor availability and funding resources. A referral can be made by the student’s assigned counselor.