Faculty & Staff

The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) is pleased to announce that we are implementing the new Disability Portal for faculty, an online platform for faculty to use in providing disability-related accommodations for students.  As part of the preparation for full implementation which will take place January 2019. In the meantime, faculty can choose to use the portal below:

Faculty Users – log in using Myslice: Disability Faculty Portal

Specifically, the new platform will further streamline disability access for students by supporting faculty in the role as instructors.  The platform will also enhance communications among students, CDR and faculty.

The portal will permit faculty to:

•    With student permission, view accommodation letters of students enrolled in their courses
•    View test sign-ups by student per course per exam
•    Upload exams
•    View peer course notes, if applicable
•    Access resource library for disability-related information

Please contact Victoria Weber at CDRaccommodate@syr.edu or by phone at 315-443-4498 if you have any questions or troubles accessing the portal.  We also offer in-person instructions.  Below we have also included the Faculty User Guide.  Explore the portal today!