Request for Temporary Accommodations

To request temporary accommodations related to an injury, please fill out a ‘Registration Form‘ using our Disability Resource Portal!


If you have a lower extremity impairment and require transportation only, please contact Medical Transport at (315) 443-4566.


Syracuse University Barnes Center provides medical transportation for students who require non-emergency transport due to a temporary medical condition. This can include transportation to the Barnes Center for medical evaluation, a return trip from the Barnes Center to your residence hall or an initial ride to an off-campus medical appointment.

Due to the demands of the service, transports are generally not available to:

  • Medical Appointments not immediately surrounding the main campus
  • Pharmacies (unless approved by the Pharmacy Manager)
  • Onondaga County Health Department ( unless referred by the Barnes Center Staff)
  • Dentist or Orthodontic appointments ( will allow in cases of a Dental emergency )

Healthcare facilities that are outside the University area will not be utilized unless absolutely necessary and pre-approved by the Barnes Center or the EMS Manager.

How do I get started?

Students that require temporary medical transport must complete a Medical Transport Request Form (available at the Barnes Center at the Arch Website). The form must be filled out by their physician or Barnes Center staff. The Barnes Center Medical Director has final authority over all transport requests. All medical necessity notes provided by personal physicians or providers will be reviewed and approved by the Barnes Center.

The completed request form must be submitted within five business days of the first request. Failure to submit transport request form will result in suspension of service.

Is there a fee?

Full time students who pay the student health and wellness fee are entitled to eight (8) one-way medical transports during the academic year. After the eighth one-way transport, a $5 charge may be assessed for each ride. If a student is referred to an outside healthcare provider from Barnes Center staff, they will not be charged for transport. Furthermore, students will not be charged for return trips from an area hospital.

When is medical transport available?

Service is available during the academic year between 7:00AM and 10:00PM. After 10:00PM, medical transport will only be available for return trips from an area hospital.

How do I schedule a transport?

To request a transport, call 315-443-4566. Transport requests for regularly scheduled appointments should be made one week in advance.

What other transport services are available?

Syracuse University Office of Parking and Transit Services provide an extensive bus service on and off campus. More information is available at their website, or by calling 315-443-4652. Bus schedules are available online and at student centers around campus.