Alternate Format

Syracuse University offers students two tools that provide them the ability to scan documents to Accessible Formats on their own.

Read&Write Scan tool is used to OCR or Scan a document to Accessible  PDF, Word, or HTML format which than can be used by Text-To–Speech readers on mobile devices or screen reader.

Blackboard Ally is a tool that provides a number of different accessible formats of course material for  all students. Blackboard Ally allows students to select from OCR PDF, HTML, EPUB, Electronic Braille, mp3 audio, and Word*.

(Accessible version available will depend on the original document)

Before Submitting an Alternate Format Request

Before you buy textbooks/books, please check the following sites to see if your textbooks/books are available in an electronic format.

Important Note: Access card(s) to online interactive course material or access card(s) that provide access to an EPUB textbooks should not be submitted as an Alternative Format Request.

Below are sites that sell e-books. The e-versions may cost less than the paper copies and are accessible immediately:

In order to request this accommodation you must have received prior authorization from your Access Coordinator.

CDR will require proof of purchase for any textbooks/books/course readers you request

For your convenience, Syracuse University has made Read&Write available as a literacy software with text-to-speech tools included for your use.

Requesting Alternate Format

If you are authorized for an Alternate Format Accommodation, you will receive a letter with the steps for submitting your textbooks that were unable to be found in an e-text version. To access this letter, you should log into your Disability Student Portal on MySlice.

  1. You will need to complete the request for Alternate Format
    1. Materials needed before submitting request
      1. Class information (course code, section, instructor name)
      2. Book information (book title, edition, author, ISBN #)
  1. The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) will attempt to accommodate your preferred choice of format; however, you may be asked to accept texts in a different format in order to provide materials in a timely manner. (10 business days for textbooks/books & 17 business days for course readers.)
    1. In the event that a book is not available in electronic version, The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) may ask for your copy of the textbook so we can scan it to create an electronic copy.
  2. You will receive the email from Transfer Big Files saying you have a file waiting, click “Go to my Downloads”.

Please do not request alternate format for Blackboard materials. Conversion of Blackboard materials can be done through Read&Write using the scan tool or screen shot reader. Please see your Access Coordinator for a referral for training on Read&Write.