OnTrack at SU

Applications for Fall 2024 are now open.

Constructing your Pathway to Success
Enhanced academic support program for students with disabilities.

The goal of this program will be to address both academic and social-emotional readiness during the college transition. Students will meet regularly with a JST trained coach for academic structure and support, guidance in connecting with other university and community services, and counseling focused on building independence and executive functioning.Providing structure and support with:

  • Time Management
  • Organizational skills
  • Self-advocacy
  • Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Awareness
  • Creating a Personal Learning Plan
  • Building Independence

OnTrack at SU is a fee-based program designed to meet the growing demand for individualized structure and support among SU students. OnTrack expands service options for first year students with ADHD and LD at SU, aligning with the University’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of today’s students.

The mission of OnTrack at SU is to engage students in a collaborative coaching model by facilitating self-advocacy, self-awareness, and independence.

Scheduled Meetings:

    • 2X week face to face meetings
    • Multiple weekly check ins
    • Individualized support
    • Student driven plan of action
    • Customized learning profile

Students enrolled in OnTrack for the first year have the option to continue in a scaled down version of the program for their second year.


First Year Students: $3,200 per semester

Second Year Students: $1,650 per semester

*Need-based scholarships available

Interested in getting additional information about OnTrack at SU? Please submit the OnTrack Information Form and you will be contacted.

OnTrack Application: Please note, this form may take you an hour to complete and it will ask you to upload a word/PDF document of the below essay prompt. It is recommended to complete this prompt prior to starting the application as you will not be able to save the form.

  • Essay Prompt for OnTrack Application: Please write approximately 250 words in response to ONE of the below essay questions. Please upload (Word or PDF) at the end of the application. We do not use the essay as part of the acceptance process. Grammar, writing skill and creativity will not be judged. It is most important that the prospective student shares their thoughts in their own words.
    1. Tell us about a personal challenge or obstacle you experienced. How did you work through it? How did you grow as a person from this experience?
    2. Describe one of your proudest moments. What made it so important? What did you learn about yourself?
    3. Discuss something you are passionate about (an idea, belief, topic, hobby, sport, skill, or anything that truly excites you). Explain why this topic creates such passion and how you might continue to pursue it.

Contact Us:
Syracuse University
Center for Disability Resources
804 University Ave, Suite 303
Syracuse, NY 13244
Phone: 315-443-0448
Email: kmtoole@syr.edu

We would like to recognize the support of Reinaldo Pascual ’85. His contributions and vision have enabled Syracuse University to launch and cultivate the OnTrack Program at SU.