Exam Services

Instructors may encounter students in their courses who need disability-related testing accommodations. The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) assists instructors in administering exams to students through a test proctoring service available at CDR. In order for students to take exams at CDR, instructors and students are requested to follow these procedures:

    • Students requesting accommodations must first register with CDR and provide documentation of a disability. After a student has registered with CDR, they are assigned an Access Coordinator who will work with them to develop a support plan based on their disability. Once a plan is in place, CDR will generate an Accommodation Letter.
    • Accommodation Letter – Students are instructed to provide a copy of their Accommodation Letter to each instructor.  They can either provide a hard copy or opt to have CDR send a digital copy. They are also encouraged to discuss their need for accommodations with instructors. If students will need testing accommodations, the instructors and students should discuss whether exams will be administered by CDR.
    • When a student signs up for an exam at CDR, it should be consistent with the scheduled day/time of the class.  If an alternate exam time is necessary, the student will need to contact their professor to work out an alternate day/time.  Once a new time is established, the professor should contact CDR via email to inform them of the newly approved day/time.  The student will then need to sign up for their exam through CDR’s Disability Resource Portal using the new day/time.
    • Instructors have two ways of providing CDR with their exams:
      • Upload to CDR’s Disability Resource Portal – through MySlice
      • In-person drop-off
    • Completed exams will be scanned and returned via email. Alternatively, instructors may choose to pick up their exams in person.
    • Instructors must have a statement on their syllabi that provides information on how to request accommodations with CDR.
    • Students with disabilities are entitled to the same access as their non-disabled peers.  This includes, but is not limited to, opportunities to ask questions during exams. Students accessing accommodations through CDR do not forfeit opportunities that their non-disabled peers have. We ask that you kindly provide your contact information for this reason.


If an instructor has a question pertaining to exams, please contact the CDR Testing Center at 315.443.3606.  For general information or questions, please contact our front desk at 315.443.4498.